GIPDEEP – Connection

What is Gipdeep?

Gipdeep is a Slurm based computational cluster. It is a group of servers that provide computational resources to researchers.

Accessing the GipDeep Cluster

  1. Gipdeep is not available from outside the Technion. If you’re working outside the campus, you will need to connect to the Technion’s network via VPN as described here: English | Hebrew
  2. User/password for SSH login is from TD-CSF domain , if you not remember , you can change it on AOS password reset system

After receiving login permissions, SSH to ‘’:
ssh ‑X <username>
If you’re connected via VPN and you receive an Unknown Host error, use:
ssh -X <username>@

If your user is a Technion user and not a CS one (ask us if you’re not sure)
enter STAFF\<username>@ 
or from Unix systems STAFF\\<username>@

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