GIPDEEP – Partitions, accounts and QoS

partition is a logical group of physical nodes. A node can be part of more than one partition. A slurm job will launch on a specific partition, indicated using the -p argument. If a partition is not specified, it will launch on the default partition.
Accounts are groups of users. On Gipdeep, every user belongs to one (and only one) account as is selected by default. The account a user belongs to defines which partitions they can launch their jobs on. You can check your account by logging into Gipdeep and running the command:
sacctmgr show user $USER withassoc format=user,account
Quality of Service (QoS) 
is another control group entity that helps the Fair Share queueing system and to define resource limits. Currently, there’s a limit of 2 GPUs per user, defined on the default QoS. You can ignore QoS at this time.

Generally, research is the default account, all is the default partition and normal is the default QoS, and you don’t need to include those when running jobs. Only specific research groups have separate accounts and partitions.

Job and resource limits

Users are limited to 4 GPUs and 40 CPUs at any given time, without limit on the number of jobs.

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