NEWTON – ENROOT containers

On cluster newton installed environment enroot to use a containers (dockers and etc. )

Before you can use containers we have to create it (if not exist ) , so if you can’t find needed container in /mnt/images you can send request mail to with : full name and path to docker/singularity container

To use containers :

1) Load module enroot

module purge
module load enroot

2) Copy needed image to home directory

mkdir /enroot
cp /mnt/images/nvidia+cuda+10.0-base.sqsh enroot/
cd /enroot

3) Open image to enroot local environment

enroot create --name cuda  nvidia+cuda+10.0-base.sqsh

* for check loaded images run command

enroot list

4) Request resources to run container more examples

srun -c 10 --gres=gpu:2 enroot start cuda
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